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About us

Have the motorcycle trip of a lifetime with Xtreme motorcycle rentals

About Us

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Just like you, we love Motorcycles, and we care for you. It's not something we just say, it's something that we really do. 

That's why we care about taking care of our rental motorcycles so you can have a safe and fun trip. 

Yes, we are a business but we care about you always having a blast and we're ready to help you go out and ride.

Everything starter when my friend and I was trying to go out and ride motorcycles, but my Dad didn't have one, so we found a motorcycle rental place that was so expensive so we had to skip the trip. So my friend and I came up with the idea of renting out our motorcycles for way cheaper and affordable to those that want to have some fun without breaking the bank.

We're starting in this business and we want to grow big with your help and keep this motorbikes sport as affordable as we can. 

As small company that is growing and adding more new motorcycles to our fleet, we need your help with giving us ideas on what motorcycles you think we should get in the future, so don't be shy and email us. 

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Our Company Headquarters

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